LGSF Manufacturing

Durocon is synonymous with excellence in LGFS manufacturing, underscoring its commitment to delivering top-tier steel buildings. The company's expertise in LGSF design showcases a perfect blend of innovation and practicality, redefining the standards for steel framed buildings. With a focus on cold rolled steel building techniques, Durocon ensures that every structure exhibits unmatched durability and resistance. Whether it's the intricacies of a rooftop extension building or diverse building extension options, Durocon's proficiency shines through, offering clients a myriad of choices tailored to their unique requirements.

A standout feature of Durocon's approach is its emphasis on rapidity. Recognizing the urgency in today's construction landscape, the company excels in implementing quick ways to complete building tasks without compromising on integrity or quality. In the realm of construction, Durocon stands as a testament to what's achievable with LGFS manufacturing. Their dedication to excellence, paired with a forward-thinking approach, cements their position as industry leaders in steel building solutions.

LGSF Design

Durocon stands as a paragon in LGSF design, setting the gold standard in creating intricate and resilient LGSF buildings. Central to our success is our seasoned in-house design team, adeptly skilled in the nuances of the latest LGSF design software. Our LGSF design philosophy pivots on optimizing each blueprint, ensuring your structure not only stands out but stands strong.

Understanding that LGSF Construction is design-centric, Durocon emphasizes the paramount importance of meticulous planning. Our approach means that while constructing on-site requires skill, the bulk of expertise is poured into the design phase. This ensures that steel framed buildings and cold rolled steel buildings are crafted with precision and efficiency.

At Durocon, we harness the cutting-edge FRAMECAD Software Suite. This powerhouse integrates design, engineering calculations, structural analysis, detailing, and roll forming machine control. Such comprehensive integration guarantees extreme accuracy in construction, curtails engineering and design costs, minimizes waste, and optimizes labor efficiency.

Whether you're eyeing a rooftop extension building or exploring diverse building extension options, Durocon's commitment to excellence in LGSF design ensures your vision is realized promptly and flawlessly.


Durucon's Light Gauge Steel Structures (LGSF) redefine construction with cutting-edge technology and versatility. LGSF buildings, characterized by superior strength and durability, reflect the pinnacle of modern architecture. Our innovative LGSF design ensures steel buildings that stand the test of time, providing unmatched structural integrity.

Crafted from precision-engineered cold-rolled steel, our LGSF buildings guarantee a robust framework, promoting longevity and resilience. The versatility of steel framed buildings extends beyond traditional structures, allowing for seamless rooftop extensions. Our rooftop extension options provide an efficient and stylish solution to expanding your space without compromising on design.

At Durucon, we recognize the value of time in construction projects. That's why we offer quick ways to complete building projects without compromising on quality. Our commitment to efficiency ensures that your LGSF building is not only a testament to modern engineering but also a swift realization of your architectural vision. Choose Durucon for unparalleled expertise in Light Gauge Steel Structures, where innovation meets durability for a seamless construction experience.



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