Why Prefab Buildings?

Durocon's Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) Buildings stand at the forefront of the modular construction revolution, addressing the evolving needs of the industry. In a landscape dominated by PEB buildings and prefab housing in India, our LGSF structures offer a paradigm shift in construction efficiency and sustainability.

The versatility of our prefab buildings and prefabricated houses in India lies in the precision of prefabricated construction methods. Durocon excels in prefab construction, seamlessly integrating with the demands of modern architecture. The synergy between modular construction and pre-engineered buildings (PEB) enhances structural integrity and accelerates project timelines.

Choosing Durocon means embracing a future where building prefab is synonymous with innovation and speed. Our prefab building construction techniques redefine the landscape of prefabricated building construction, providing agile solutions without compromising quality. With LGSF Buildings from Durocon, experience a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal, durability, and the rapid deployment characteristic of modular construction—a testament to our commitment to advancing the standards of construction in India.


Prefab modular buildings have multiple applications. They are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Prefabricated buildings are cost-effective, durable, and simple to install. They offer an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar construction. Prefab homes are ideal for remote areas, where traditional construction is not feasible. Prefabricated buildings are also a great choice for fast-paced projects, saving time and money. Modular buildings are also used as temporary offices, medical clinics, educational facilities, and storage units. Prefab construction is a viable option for creating affordable housing solutions in India. It is energy-efficient and requires minimal maintenance. Prefab modulars provide a versatile solution to meet the needs of any industry or project.



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